NORA Construction Sector Council Workgroups

The NORA Construction Sector Council has two workgroups, focused on preventing falls, and preventing struck-by injuries/fatalities.

Preventing Falls
construction worker on job site

The NORA Construction Sector Council continues to actively participate in the National Campaign to Prevent Falls in Construction and the National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction. This year’s National Stand-Down will be held the week of May 3-7. The goal of this national campaign is to prevent fatal falls from roofs, ladders, and scaffolds by encouraging residential construction contractors to: 1) plan ahead to get the job done safely, 2) provide the right equipment, and 3) train everyone to use the equipment safely. NIOSH, OSHA and CPWR are the main partners working to coordinate the National Campaign and Stand-Down. This annual event began in the Construction Sector Council in 2012. The National Campaign and Stand-Down have reached millions of construction workers.

The many Campaign and Stand-Down products have reached a wide audience through our main campaign site and through the OSHA Stand-Down page, the NIOSH National Campaign to Prevent Falls in Construction webpage, as well as through other NORA Construction Sector Council partners. Each year, the NORA Construction Sector Council Falls Workgroup works with NIOSH and CPWR to develop a new series of infographics in English and Spanish. View and download the infographics as PDFs or JPEGs for use in social media, presentations, and print materials. The Workgroup also helped with pulling together some of fall-related videos posted on the CDC Construction Safety and Health YouTube Playlist.

Preventing Struck-By Injuries/Fatalities
large scale construction project

The Struck-by Workgroup organizes the National Stand-Down to Prevent Struck-by Incidents in Construction each year. This year’s National Stand-Down will be held April 26th. It coincides with National Work Zone Awareness Week and asks contractors to pause work to recognize that struck-by incidents are the #1 cause of injuries and #2 cause of death among construction workers and to educate their crews about risks and solutions for mitigating them. To make the Stand-Down a success during COVID-19, all national events will be held virtually, and we encourage the construction community to do the same. More information on ways to participate will soon be posted on CPWR’s Struck-by Hazards webpage and the National Work Zone Safety Information Clearinghouse.

For those interested in getting involved with the NORA Construction Sector Council there are three Workgroups looking at 1) COVID-19, 2) Preventing Falls, and 3) Preventing Struck-by Injuries/Fatalities. If interested in joining one or more of these Workgroups please email the Sector Coordinator or NORA Coordinator.