State-Based Occupational Respiratory Disease Surveillance

State-Based Occupational Respiratory Disease Surveillance

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State-based surveillance forms a critical part of the overall NIOSH program of occupational respiratory disease surveillance. State-based surveillance programs are in a unique position to assist Respiratory Health Division (RHD) and NIOSH in understanding occupational respiratory disease and linking surveillance to practice at the state and local level. State-based surveillance data on silicosis and work-related asthma (WRA), including that collected under the Sentinel Event Notification System for Occupational Risks (SENSOR) Program, have contributed to NIOSH epidemiological research, have been used to support various prevention activities and products, and have been used to inform science-based policy.

Previously, NIOSH supported states under a number of different cooperative agreements, including SENSOR. Currently, NIOSH funds the State-Based Occupational Safety and Health Surveillance cooperative agreement ( ANNOUNCEMENT NO. PAR-14-278). All states funded under this cooperative agreement conduct population-based surveillance for pneumoconiosis (hospitalizations and mortality) and work-related asthma. While most carry out population-based pneumoconiosis surveillance, some are also funded to carry out case-based or “Expanded” sentinel surveillance focused specifically on occupational respiratory diseases (e.g.,work-related asthma).

Work-Related Asthma (WRA) information from state programs:

Silicosis information from state programs:

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