Worker Health Information from the National Health Interview Survey

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2010 NHIS-Occupational Health Supplement Questionnaire Content

  • Supplemental work history
    • Current industry and occupation*
    • Longest-held industry and occupation
  • Work organization
    • Non-standard work arrangements
    • Temporary work
    • Shift work
    • Work hours*
  • Psychosocial occupational exposures
    • Job insecurity
    • Work-family imbalance
    • Hostile work environment
  • Chemical and physical agent occupational exposures
    • Skin hazards
    • Outdoor work
    • Environmental tobacco smoke
    • Vapors, gas, dust, fumes (at longest held job)
  • Work-relatedness of common health conditions
    • Dermatitis
    • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    • Asthma
    • Injuries*
    • Poisoning*

*These topics are covered by core NHIS questions, but are included in this list because they are key occupational health topics.

Link to full text of NHIS-OHS questions: (/niosh/topics/nhis/pdfs/2010NHIS OccupationalHealtSupplementFinalpdf icon)

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