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Faces of Black Lung

Faces of Black Lung II

A follow-up to the Faces of Black Lung I video, Faces of Black Lung II is an informational video with commentary from medical experts and testimonials of miners that have the disease who are younger (30s & 40s) than the miners who appeared in the first “Faces” video (50s). The miner’s stories provide the full impact of this disease that is still a very serious risk to coal miners today.

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NIOSH Publication Number: 2020-109D (Revised 05/2020)

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NIOSH Publication Number: 2020-109 (Revised 01/2020)

Faces of Black Lung II
Faces of Black Lung I (2008)

Each year, approximately 1,000 miners in the U.S. die from coal workers’ pneumoconiosis, or black lung disease, a preventable illness caused by exposure to coal mine dust. The video features two miners who share their stories and provide insight on how their lives have changed due to this devastating disease. [2008]

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NIOSH Publication No. 2008-131

Faces of Black Lung
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