Industry and Occupation Coding


Training and Consultation Services


NIOSH offers a free 2-day training class for coding industry and occupation (I&O) data. The class provides instruction on coding to the CDC/Census I&O classification system including how to use the NIOSH Industry & Occupation Computerized Coding System (NIOCCS).

If you are interested in information about upcoming classes, please email our NIOCCS Support Team at

If attending a training class is not possible, we recommend you review the instruction manuals for Census coding schemes, which were developed for the I&O training class and can be used as a guide for determining industry and occupation codes when using the NIOCCS computer-assisted feature.


We offer industry and occupation data collection and coding consultation along with support for the NIOCCS system. To request help or learn more, please contact the NIOCCS Support Team at


Page last reviewed: February 22, 2019