I&OlogoMany health and economic surveys collect demographic data on peoples’ industry and occupation. Often referred to as I & O, industry refers to the type of business (e.g. car dealership, hospital, livestock farm, construction, etc.), whereas occupation refers to the job or kind of work a person performs at their place of work (secretary, nurse, farmer, building painter, etc.).

To make the data usable for public health and others, the text descriptions of industry and occupation are converted to numbers or codes.  This process is known as Industry and Occupation (I&O) coding.

Since the late 1970’s, NIOSH has collaborated with federal and state agencies to collect and code industry and occupation (I&O) from records to identify and assess trends of work-related diseases, injuries, and exposures.

Here you can learn more about industry and occupation coding and the free services we provide, including I&O coding training, software, and consultation.

Page last reviewed: November 13, 2017