Healthcare and Social Assistance: Topic Pages


Topic Pages

NIOSH topic pages provide access to a broad range of web-based information on an occupational safety and health subject. Typically, topic pages contain introductory material and links to NIOSH publications and other resources related to the subject matter.

The following presents a non-exhaustive list of topics related to the HCSA Program:

Healthcare and Social Assistance Program Publications

State of the Sector I Healthcare and Social Assistance: Identification of Research Opportunities for the Next Decade of NORApdf icon

This 236 page document was developed by the NORA HCSA Sector Council to address the “state of the sector,” including the magnitude and consequences of known and emerging health and safety problems, important knowledge gaps, and opportunities for research to improve the “state of the sector” over the next decade of NORA. Executive Summarypdf icon

Healthcare and Social Assistance – Advancing priorities through research and partnershipspdf icon

This Fact Sheet summarizes occupational health and safety hazards facing workers in the HCSA sector and provides recommendations for eliminating or reducing occupational injuries, illnesses and fatalities through a focused program of research and prevention.

Healthcare and Social Assistance Program Performance One-Pagerpdf icon

The HCSA Program Performance One-Pager (or PPOP) outlines occupational safety and health priorities, major activities in the priority areas, accomplishments from 2017, and planned work for 2018.

Page last reviewed: November 9, 2018