Healthcare and Social Assistance Program

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The Healthcare and Social Assistance Program’s mission is to eliminate occupational diseases, injuries, and fatalities and improve health and well-being among those who work in industries providing human and veterinary healthcare and who provide social assistance services across a broad range of settings such as hospitals, clinics, nursing and private homes, and child day care.

Featured Items

CDC: Attributes of Health Literate Care Organizations

This white paper describes what healthcare organizations can do to lower barriers for people to get and use health information and services.

Stop Sticks Refresh: Stop Sticks Campaign website

The Stop Sticks campaign is a communication intervention aimed at raising awareness among health care workers about their risk of workplace exposure to bloodborne pathogens from needlesticks and other sharps related injuries. Stop Sticks was originally created by NIOSH, but is now updated and maintained by the NORA Healthcare and Social Assistance Sector Council.

Page last reviewed: November 9, 2018