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Inputs: Partners


Partnerships are integral to the NIOSH Communication and Dissemination Cross-Sector Portfolio Program. Input from customers and stakeholder groups help in setting research priorities, conducting research and implementing interventions. Partners also add expertise or specialized experience to the research team, which benefits the research, analysis, interpretation, and communication of the results.

Our partners include:

State and Local
Public Partnerships
International Collaborations

The NIOSH Communications Program is linked with the NIOSH Global Collaborations Program and the two programs are housed in the same office. The NIOSH Global Collaborations Program works with international partners in organizations on research, training, documents, and technical assistance to benefit workers everywhere.

Professional and Trade Associations
Partnering with Other Portfolio Program Areas

The Communication Portfolio alignment with NIOSH’s research to practice (r2p) activity provides an opportunity to collaborate with all NORA sectors and cross-sector programs.

Partnership Database

The Partnership Database catalogs information on NIOSH partners and their interactions with NIOSH. It includes research partners, both intramural and extramural, standard setting bodies and formal partnerships.

Stakeholders and Customers

The NIOSH program for the Communication and Dissemination Cross-Sector Portfolio collaborates and works closely with a broad spectrum of the community. The stakeholder and customer list includes:

  • Industry groups
  • Labor organizations
  • Academia
  • Government agencies
  • Nongovernmental organizations
  • Professional organizations

These organizations may be research partners, end-users of our technology and scientific findings, peer reviewers, recipients of research grants and contracts, or sources of equipment, technology, or knowledge for advancing research in the community.

For information about partnering with the NIOSH Communication and Information Dissemination Program, contact, Max Lum. For general information about partnerships with NIOSH, contact the NIOSH Office of Research and Technology Transfer.

Page last reviewed: December 13, 2012