Mining Feature: NIOSH at SME 2020

Friday, February 21, 2020

NIOSH Exhibit and Technical Sessions

NIOSH will showcase a number of its latest products in mine safety and health research at the 2020 Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (SME) Annual Conference and Expo Feb. 23-26 in Phoenix.

Find us at Booth #1211 to learn about our software, technology, and guidelines, including:

Plus, pick up your copy of the new Dust Control Handbook for Industrial Minerals Mining and Processing, Second Edition, as well as other materials.

Don’t miss our researchers and scientists as they present their findings on a range of safety and health topics. See schedule below for details.

Monday, February 24th

Room/Time Session/Presentation
North 125A SME Young Leaders: My First Five Years Experience in Industry
2:05 pm My First Five Years / An Unlikely Path
Mark Van Dyke
North 226A Coal & Energy: Dust Control I
2:25 pm The Impact of Black Lung and a Methodology for Controlling Respirable Dust
Jay Colinet
2:45 pm Laboratory Testing of a Water Curtain Designed to Reduce Float Dust Accumulations in Longwall Returns
Clara Seaman and Timothy Beck
3:05 pm Field Testing of Roof Bolter Canopy Air Curtain Operating Downwind of the Continuous Miner
W. Randy Reed and Vasu Gangrade
North 225B Coal & Energy: Best of Ground Control
2:45 pm Evaluation of Stress Control Layout at the Subtropolis Mine, Petersburg, OH
Brent Slaker
3:05 pm Analysis of ARMPS2010 Database with LaModel and an Updated Abutment Angle Equation
Ted Klemetti
North 127C Health & Safety: Recent Advancements in Mine Health and Safety Solutions
3:05 pm

Comparing the Performance of Self-contained Self-rescuers Approved to NIOSH's Old and New Requirements
Susan Moore

North 126A

Industrial Minerals & Aggregates: Digitization, Automation & Control Strategies

3:05 pm

Assessing the Feasibility of a Commercially Available Wireless Internet of Things System to Improve Conveyor Safety
Ronald Jacksha and Viabhav Raj

Alhambra Room NORA Mining Sector Council Meeting
4:30 pm Sheraton Phoenix Downtown
George Luxbacher

Tuesday, February 25th

Room/Time Session/Presentation
North 227B Coal & Energy: Coal Mining and Gas Interface
9:05 am An Assessment of Ground Movement and Permeability Changes Occurring Near Gas Wells Positioned in Abutment Pillars of Active Longwall Mines and Potential Impacts on Underground Ventilation
Steven Schatzel, Wen Su, Vasu Gangrade, Eric Watkins, Heather Dougherty, and Mark Van Dyke
10:25 am Longwall Mining, Shale Gas Production, and Miner Safety and Health
Wen Su
10:45 am Permeability Determination for Potential Interaction Between Shale Gas Wells and the Coal Mine Environment Due to Longwall-induced Deformations
Eric Watkins, Vasu Gangrade, and Steven Schatzel
North 222C Mining & Exploration: Innovation & Technology: Data Science and Machine Learning Applications in Mining
9:45 am Application of Text Analytics in MSHA Metal and Nonmetal Fatality Reports
Vaibhav Raj
North 225B Coal & Energy: Coal Mine Health & Safety I
9:45 am Longwall Ventilation in a Gassy Trona Mine: Is it Different from Coal Mine Ventilation?
Vasu Gangrade and Steven Schatzel
10:05 am Evaluation of Alternative Technologies for Underground Mining Proximity Detection Systems
Cory DeGennaro and Chenming Zhou
North 127C Health & Safety: Safety Culture and Health and Safety Management Systems
10:25 am The Use of Workers' Near Miss Reports to Improve Organizational Management Around Site-specific Risks
Emily Haas
North 125B Industrial Minerals & Aggregates: Innovations in Industrial Minerals and Aggregates II
10:25 am Controlling Crosscut Damage in Response to Excessive Levels of Horizontal Stress: Case Study at the Subtropolis Mine, Petersburg, OH
Nicole Evanek
North 227B Coal & Energy: Mine Rescue and Emergency Preparedness
2:25 pm Mine Fire Location Model: A Field Verification
Davood Bahrami and Lihong Zhou
2:45 pm Large-scale Explosion Propagation Testing of Treated and Non-treated Rock Dust When Deposited with a Thin Layer Coal Dust
Eranda Perera
3:25 pm Evaluation of Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Sensors at a Low Ventilation Velocity
James Rowland
3:45 pm Determination of a Mine Fire Intensity Using Atmospheric Monitoring System in a Ventilation Network
Lihong Zhou, Davood Bahrami, and James Rowland
North 132A Mining History
2:45 pm AIME in Arizona - the 113th Meeting of 1916
George Luxbacher
North 225B Coal & Energy: Innovations, New Projects, and Improvements in Underground Coal Mining
3:05 pm A Laboratory Investigation of Underside Shield Sprays to Improve Dust Control of Longwall Water Spray Systems
Scott Klima and W. Randy Reed
3:45 pm Dust Control at a Belt Conveyor Transfer Point Using Water Sprays and a Wetting Agent
Timothy Beck, Scott Klima, and Clara Seaman
North 222B Mining Exploration: Engineering Solutions to Safety and Health Technological Advancements
3:25 pm Monitoring of Multiple-level Stress Interaction at Two Underground Limestone Mines
Brent Slaker, Gamal Rashed, Vasu Gangrade, and Mark Van Dyke
4:05 pm Rise and Mine: An Evidence-based Framework for Fatigue Management in Mining
Tim Bauerle
North 127C Health & Safety: Occupational Exposure Monitoring and Assessment
4:05 pm Evaluation of a Canopy Air Curtain for Reducing Diesel Particulate Matter Exposures
James Noll and W. Randy Reed

Wednesday, February 26th

Room/Time Session/Presentation
North 226B Coal & Energy: Dust Control II
9:05 am Evaluation of Roof Bolter Canopy Air Curtain Effects on Airflow and Dust Dispersion in an Entry Using Exhaust Curtain Ventilation
David Zheng and W. Randy Reed
North 127C Health & Safety: Risk Assessment and Hazard Recognition
9:05 am Why Are Haul Truck-related Fatal Accidents Still Occurring?
Jennica Bellanca
9:45 am Competencies for the Competent Person: Defining Workplace Examiner Competencies from the Health and Safety Leader's Perspective
Jonathan Hrica
10:05 am Hazard Recognition: Identifying the Influence of Age, Experience, Risk Tolerance and Risk Perception on Accuracy Scores
Jennica Bellanca
North 125B Industrial Minerals & Aggregates: Aggregates & Industrial Sands
9:25 am 2nd Edition-Dust Control Handbook for Industrial Minerals Mining and Processing
Andrew Cecala, Jay Colinet, and Emily Haas
North 226A Coal & Energy: Ventilation Innovations
9:45 am Simulating Longwall Mine Ventilation Using an Aerodynamic Scale Model
Vasu Gangrade, Steven Schatzel, and Eric Watkins
North 227B Coal & Energy: Coal Mine Health and Safety II
10:05 am Influence of Cable Splices on Magnetic Field Coupling from Proximity Detection Systems to Trailing Cables
Chenming Zhou
North 226A Coal & Energy: Advances in Ground Control
2:05 pm Insights into the Relationship Among the Roof, Rib, Floor and Pillars of Underground Coal Mines
Ted Klemetti, Mark Van Dyke, and Nicole Evanek
2:25 pm Moderate Cover Bleeder Entry and Standing Support Performance: A Case Study
Mark Van Dyke and Ted Klemetti
2:45 pm Upgrading the NIOSH Support Technology Optimization Program (STOP) with Updated Design Features
Timothy Batchler
3:05 pm Investigating Different Methods for Approximating Pillar Loads in Longwall Coal Mines
Ted Klemetti
3:45 pm Application of the Local Geology Dependent Ground Response Curve for Tailgate Stability Analysis
Ted Klemetti
North 125B Industrial Minerals & Aggregates: Health & Safety in Industrial Minerals & Aggregates
2:05 pm Addressing Stone Mine Pillar Design with the NIOSH S-Pillar Software
Brent Slaker
2:45 pm Evaluation of Engineering Controls at Bagging Operations to Reduce Exposures to Respirable Crystalline Silica Dust
Kyle Louk, Emily Haas, and Andrew Cecala
3:25 pm Capability of the Airstream Helmet for Protecting Mine Workers from Diesel Particulate Matter
James Noll
4:25 pm Forty Years of NIOSH/USBM Developed Control Technology to Reduce Respirable Dust Exposures to Miners in Industrial Minerals Processing Operations
Andrew Cecala, Kyle Louk, Emily Haas, and Jay Colinet
North 222A Mining & Exploration: Geosciences: Geology: Numerical Modeling
2:45 pm Application of Numerical Modeling Using FLAC3D at a Dipping Limestone Mine
Morgan Sears, Brent Slaker, and Gamal Rashed
3:25 pm A Parametric Study for the Effect of Dip on Stone Mine Pillar Stability Using a Simplified Model Geometry
Gamal Rashed, Brent Slaker, and Morgan Sears
North 222B Mining & Exploration: Innovation & Technology: Equipment Technology Innovations
3:05 pm Thermal Runaway Pressures of Iron Phosphate Lithium-ion Cells as a Function of Free Space Within Sealed Enclosures
Thomas Dubaniewicz
North 127C Health & Safety: NORA: Health and Safety in Tomorrow's Mines
4:05 pm Panel Discussion of Future Activities of the NORA Mining Sector Council
David Snyder

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