Study Syllabus for Classification of Radiographs of Pneumoconioses

Radiograph Classification

Subset 3

Radiograph #33

Answer Key #33

Note that large opacities may occur in the middle and lower lung zones. The obligatory symbol for a rib fracture (fr, posterolateral right ninth) should be checked for this image. Concern for malignancy was raised regarding the large opacity on the right and ca was checked in 4B. The worker’s personal physician should therefore be notified. Sternal wires should be mentioned in 4C.

Radiograph #34

Answer Key #34 (Updated 9/28/2023)

In this example, chest wall pleural plaque (in profile and face on) is recognized mainly by the presence of calcium; the soft-tissue shadow of the plaque is less apparent. In this circumstance, plaque is presumed to be present and both the site and calcification must be recorded in Section 3B. Note: small pneumoconiotic opacities are simulated on the right by nodular pleural calcification, and the rolled-edge appearance of a calcified face-on plaque is illustrated in the left middle lung zone. (see comments on Radiograph # 21 for additional findings.)

Radiograph #35

Answer Key #35 (Updated 9/28/2023)

Radiograph #35 presents multiple pleural findings.