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Study Syllabus for Classification of Radiographs of Pneumoconioses

Radiograph Classification

Subset 3

Radiograph #31

Answer Key #31 (Updated 9/28/2023)

As small pneumoconiotic opacities become incorporated into large opacities, the apparent profusion of small opacities may decrease. Note their relatively low profusion (1/2) in this patient with large pneumoconiotic opacities, whose areas when summed, correspond to size C. There is in profile pleural plaque on the left of extent 3, width b. Some readers also identified in profile pleural plaque on the right. The appearance of the right CP angle does not reach the degree of blunting necessary to classify it.

Radiograph #32

Answer Key #32

Again, the profusion of small opacities is low, in the presence of large opacities classified as B. Note the distortion of the right hilum, di, a finding sometimes associated with large opacities.