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Study Syllabus for Classification of Radiographs of Pneumoconioses

Radiograph Classification

Subset 1

Section 4: Any Other Abnormalities (Con’t.)

Sections 4C, 4D, and 4E*
4B. Other Symbols (Obligatory) form sample


These sections are used to record information pertaining to the classification of the radiograph, especially for other causes thought to be responsible for a finding that might be secondary to pneumoconiosis, for radiographic findings of possible significance not noted above, and for any further explanatory comments deemed appropriate. If it is deemed important for the worker to see his or her personal physician because of findings reported in this section, for follow-up, or for comparison of the current study with previous radiographs, check “YES” in the box at the bottom of Section 4D; if not, check “NO.” If you are the first reader to classify an image, it is important for you to ensure that the worker or the physician is notified of any clinically significant findings.

NOTE: Section 4C is intended to reduce the need for handwritten comments in Section 4E while facilitating accurate recording and coding of common abnormalities. It is optional.

*You may encounter minor differences between classification forms due to periodic revisions;
however, the most significant components of the forms, and most importantly, the principles of classification, remain unchanged.