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Action 4: Communicate Your Commitment to Professional Wellbeing

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About the Action


Prioritize two-way communication with hospital staff about your wellbeing work. Transparent, ongoing communication between leadership and healthcare workers builds trust, ensures that your wellbeing work is known throughout your hospital, and values staff input.1

Key concept

Clear, consistent, and open communication with staff is an essential part of professional wellbeing. Communicating with your workforce generates buy-in, creates opportunities for staff to provide feedback, and prevents a disconnect across different departments in your organization.

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Download the Impact Wellbeing™ Guide: Taking Action to Improve Healthcare Worker Wellbeing


Action 4 resources

Download the below resources to capture communication priorities, ensure that you effectively share updates, and seek staff input:

Customizable materials for communicating about Action 4

Explore customizable graphics and promotional materials to communicate about professional wellbeing efforts with your staff.

For additional resources on communicating with your staff, visit the Impact Wellbeing Communications Best Practices webpage.

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1 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [2018]. Health communication playbook: Resources to help you create effective materials. Atlanta, GA: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.