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Action 3: Break Down Barriers for Help-Seeking

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About the Action


Review and update your hospital credentialing application questions and identify confidential ways for healthcare workers to seek support.

Key concept

Data show that intrusive and stigmatizing questions on hospital credentialing applications prevent many healthcare workers from seeking help.1, 2 Auditing and updating hospital credentialing questions removes barriers to care and sends a clear message to healthcare workers that your hospital supports their mental health.

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Download the Impact Wellbeing™ Guide: Taking Action to Improve Healthcare Worker Wellbeing


Action 3 resources

Download the below resources to review your hospital’s forms and learn about three approaches to update questions to remove stigmatizing language:

Customizable materials for communicating about Action 3

Explore customizable graphics and promotional materials to communicate about professional wellbeing efforts with staff.

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Find additional resources on the Impact Wellbeing campaign page.

1 American Medical Association [2023]. Debunking regulatory myths. Chicago, IL: American Medical Association.

2 American Hospital Association [2022]. Suicide prevention. Washington, DC: American Hospital Association.