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Action 5: Integrate Professional Wellbeing into Quality Improvement

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About the Action


Integrate professional wellbeing measures into an ongoing quality improvement project at your hospital. It is important to consider the impact on your workforce when undertaking any quality improvement project and recognize that workers are at the center of healthcare systems.

Key concept

Quadruple Aim Quality Improvement recognizes professional wellbeing as a key outcome that is essential to improving your hospital.1 It helps ensure that quality improvement projects do not compromise professional wellbeing and rather measure the impact of these projects on the workforce.2

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Download the Impact Wellbeing™ Guide: Taking Action to Improve Healthcare Worker Wellbeing


Action 5 resources

Download the below resources to choose an ongoing quality improvement project and identify which professional wellbeing measures you will integrate into this project:

Customizable materials for communicating about Action 5

Explore customizable graphics and promotional materials to communicate about professional wellbeing efforts with your staff.

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Find additional resources on the Impact Wellbeing campaign page.

1 Freeley D [2017]. The triple aim or the quadruple aim? Four points to help set your strategy. Boston, MA: Institute for Healthcare Improvement.

2 Bodenheimer T, Sinsky C [2014]. From triple to quadruple aim: Care of the patient requires care of the provider. Ann Fam Med 12(6):573-576.