Impact Wellbeing™ Guide: Taking Action to Improve Healthcare Worker Wellbeing

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About the Impact Wellbeing Guide

Improving professional wellbeing for all healthcare workers is key to the success of hospitals and healthcare systems. Benefits range from boosting staff morale to ensuring a safe and supportive work environment for both healthcare workers and patients.

To help hospital leaders make meaningful changes to improve professional wellbeing, NIOSH and the Dr. Lorna Breen Heroes’ Foundation designed the Impact Wellbeing Guide: Taking Action to Improve Healthcare Worker Wellbeing. The Guide is designed to help hospital leaders and executives accelerate or supplement professional wellbeing work in their hospitals at the operational level.

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Evidence-Informed and Real-World Tested

The Impact Wellbeing Guide builds upon existing research and resources, as well as NIOSH’s 50 years of occupational safety and health expertise. The Guide was real-world tested for usability by hospital leaders from six hospitals within the CommonSpirit Health system across the United States. Additionally, it was informed by conversations with nearly two dozen organizations, including professional organizations, academic institutions, unions, and federal agencies.

Key principles of the Impact Wellbeing Guide
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Use a systems approach

Go beyond encouraging self-care and individual resilience to focus on operational-level improvements.

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Build trust

Prioritize two-way communication to create transparency and involve staff in decisions around wellbeing efforts.

The Guide includes six evidence-informed Actions designed to improve the professional wellbeing of healthcare workers and strengthen hospital operations. Each Action offers useful background information and tools to fully equip hospital leaders to complete all steps.  The activities culminate in a long-term wellbeing plan so that your team can sustain efforts over time.

Explore the Guide's Six Actions
  • Action 1
    Review Your Hospital’s Operations
  • Action 2
    Build Your Professional Wellbeing Team
  • Action 3
    Break Down Barriers for Help-Seeking
  • Action 4
    Communicate Your Commitment to Professional Wellbeing
  • Action 5
    Integrate Professional Wellbeing into Quality Improvement
  • Action 6
    Develop Your Long-Term Professional Wellbeing Plan