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Report No. Incident Date Event Description
2023-12 11/13/2023 Career firefighter dies after falling into a light shaft while conducting roof operations during a fire in four-story commercial and residential apartment complex – Illinois
2023-11 11/13/2023 First arriving career lieutenant and firefighter die in rapidly changing fire condition while inside row home after becoming disoriented – Maryland
2023-10 07/05/2023 Two career land-based firefighters die when they become disoriented and lost while conducting fire attack during a shipboard fire in port – New Jersey
2023-09 06/24/2023 Career acting fire officer dies from floor collapse during interior fire attack – Maryland
2023-08 01/12/2023 46 year old captain found deceased at station – Washington
2023-07 05/26/2023 Career firefighter dies in a structural collapse while conducting fire attack in a multi-unit apartment building – South Carolina
2023-06 04/05/2023 A 55 year old lieutenant collapsed during fire response in a high rise building – Illinois
2023-05 4/04/2023 49 year old FF/EMT dies while engaged in structural fire response – Illinois
2023-04 12/16/2022 46 year old FF dies of heart attack during structural fire response – Connecticut
2023-03 03/01/2023 Career firefighter dies after becoming lost and trapped while conducting fire attack in a commercial building – New York
2023-01 05/31/2022 32 year old FF/Driver found deceased at fire station from ischemic heart disease – North Carolina
2022-10 12/07/2022 Two volunteer firefighters die after a hostile fire event while conducting fire attack in a single-family residence – Pennsylvania
2022-09 12/03/2021 Lieutenant dies after falling into the basement due to floor collapse at a residential structure fire – Illinois
2022-07 06/30/2022 While moving equipment in a fire station bay, a trailer containing sand fall onto and kills a firefighter – Florida
2022-06 07/28/2022 31 year old firefighter cadet dies during training exercise – Alabama
2022-05 06/6/2022 58 year old engineer dies of heart following 48 hr shift with multiple responses – Florida
2022-04 01/13/2022 Career firefighter dies in a structural collapse while conducting fire attack in an abandoned derelict single family residence – Missouri
2022-03 06/22/2022 A 35 year old FF died after collapsing in a building during his 3rd entry as part of a fire response – Kansas
2022-02 06/18/2022 Lieutenant killed and 4 firefighters injured at a commercial building collapse – Pennsylvania
2022-01 01/24/2022 3 Firefighters killed and 1 firefighter seriously injured during a collapse in a three-story abandoned/derelict row house fire – Maryland
2021-21 12/18/2021 Firefighter dies from a head injury incurred during vehicle maintenance operations when the tire he was filling with air exploded – Louisiana
2021-20 12/16/2021 Firefighter found unresponsive at structure fire – Illinois
2021-17 07/03/2021 26-year-old firefighter cadet dies from heat stroke on first day of cadet training – Virginia
2021-14 08/11/2021 Captain fell through the first floor into the basement – Maryland
2021-13 07/24/2021 Firefighter dies and two other firefighters injured while preparing to leave the scene of vehicle incident with injuries – Pennsylvania
2021-12 07/4/2021 Firefighter found unresponsive on the third floor of the single-family dwelling – Pennsylvania
2021-11 05/12/2021 Firefighter found unconscious on second floor of residential home – Connecticut
2021-10 03/23/2021 Volunteer firefighter dies after becoming trapped at assisted living facility fire and two firefighters injured – New York
2021-09 12/27/2020 Senior airman/firefighter was struck by a beam while battling a fire – West Virginia
2020-11 03/09/2020 Firefighter killed by the collapse of a porch roof at a residential structure fire – Pennsylvania
2020-09 01/11/2020 Lieutenant and police officer struck and killed at an interstate crash scene, fire fighter Injured – Texas
2020-02 01/05/2020 FF died in a floor collapse into basement in a modular home fire – Missouri
2020-01 12/07/2019 Fell from a 5 story multi-family structure fire – Colorado
2019-01 01/05/2019 Career lieutenant killed and fire fighter seriously injured by explosion while fighting fire at grain processing facility – Iowa

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