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FFFIPP – Data and Statistics

Firefighters and other first responders need to know job hazards and risks. Firefighters need to be aware of fire service fatality data to be proactive in reducing risks. The U.S. Fire Administration and National Fire Protection Association collected this data.

  • Since 2002, there have been between 60 and 100 firefighter line of duty deaths each year.1
  • The number of deaths was steadily decreasing until 2020, when a significant increase in on-duty firefighter deaths began to occur during the COVID-19 pandemic.1
  • In 2021 the leading “causes”2 for non-COVID deaths were:
    • Overexertion/stress/medical1
    • Motor vehicle crashes.1
  • In 2021 the leading “nature”3 of non-COVID deaths were:
    • Sudden cardiac deaths
    • Internal trauma or crushing.
  • Most of the deaths occurred:
    • On the fireground1
    • Responding to or returning from alarms.1

Use this interactive map to select various search options and find more information on firefighter fatalities.

1Fahy RF, Petrillo JT {2022]. Firefighter Fatalities in the US in 2021. Quincy, MAL National Fire Protection Association. Firefighter Fatalities in the US in 2021

2Causes – The term “cause” refers to the action, lack of action, or circumstances that resulted directly in the fatal injury.

3Nature – The term “nature” refers to the medical process by which death occurred and is often referred to as cause of death in autopsy reports or death certificates.