Firefighter Resources


National Firefighter Registry: On Monday, July 9th 2018 President Donald Trump signed legislation requiring the CDC to set up a registry of firefightersexternal icon that will track links between their workplace exposures and cancer. NIOSH will take the lead in establishing the registry. If you have questions, email

firefighters hands

Firefighters face many dangers that may harm their health. Learn more about NIOSH programs and research on the health concerns of firefighters.

firefighter fighting a wildfire

Structural and vehicle firefighters face many risks on the job. Learn more about NIOSH research on job hazards among firefighters.

forest fire

Every year thousands of acres of land burn across the United States. Wildland firefighters are asked to protect our lives, our homes, and our forests.

firefighter with gear

Firefighters rely heavily on their equipment to be safe. NIOSH researches ways to improve their safety.

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