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Logo for the National Firefighter Registry, featuring a firefighter helmet and cancer awareness ribbon

With your participation in the NFR, we can leave the fire service better than we found it. You can help make sure everyone in the fire service is represented by sharing the materials below with your network.


What is the NFR?

Get an overview of how the NFR will protect the health of firefighters.

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How does the NFR work?

Learn how the NFR will help researchers investigate the link between firefighting and cancer.

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NFR Stand Together 2022-148 Cover Image

Stand Together Factsheet

This factsheet provides information about the National Firefighter Registry (NFR), the largest existing effort undertaken to understand and reduce cancer among U.S. firefighters.

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unfolded trifold brochure with information about the nfr, with photos of firefighters.


Get an overview of what the NFR is, why it’s needed, how it works, how information is protected, and why firefighters should participate.

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