CCQDER webinar

NCHS Webinar: Designing Survey Questions about COVID-19

Description: Learn about the development and testing of COVID-19 survey questions from experts with the Collaborating Center for Questionnaire Design and Evaluation Research (CCQDER) at CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS).

As COVID-19 spread through the United States in early 2020, immediate data collection was essential to understand the magnitude of the pandemic’s effects. Still, the influx of information—with new terms and conflicting messages about the virus—made it particularly difficult to develop good survey questions that all potential respondents could understand. This webinar features NCHS question-design experts discussing their evaluation work and key findings from a recent report about the evaluation of COVID-19 survey questions. Presenters also provide an overview of the CCQDER program, outline question design challenges posed by the pandemic, and offer strategies to improve question design for current and future response efforts.

The full cognitive interview evaluation report on COVID-19 survey questions can be found here: Q-Bank COVID-19 report

Presentation Slides [PDF – 733 KB]