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CCQDER works with internal and external agencies in order to evaluate survey questionnaires. Below is an outline of the project process. This is the path that projects generally follow; however, this may vary from project to project. The amount of time required for each step will depend on the project size as well as the number of projects currently in progress.

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Project process

Timeline of a cognitive interviewing project:


Step 1- Request: A program contacts CCQDER to request evaluation. Once an agreement is in place, CCQDER staff work to develop OMB and ERB clearance packages, which include all specifications for the project.

Step 2 – Clearance: All CCQDER projects must receive OMB clearance as well as be reviewed by the NCHS ERB before the project can begin. This process usually takes approximately 6 – 8 weeks.

Step 3 – Recruitment: CCQDER staff design and implement a plan to recruit and screen respondents in order to ensure that they meet all the specifications of a particular study.

Step 4 – Interviewing: CCQDER staff conduct in depth cognitive interviews with respondents. The amount of time required for this varies greatly based on the number of interviews required for the project.

Step 5 – Analysis: CCQDER staff members analyze interview data using Q-Notes, a software tool developed by CCQDER, specifically to collect and analyze interview data. Q-Notes provides a way to conduct a fast, thorough systematic analysis of the data to determine patterns of interpretation for each question and to determine whether different groups interpret questions differently.

Step 6 – Documentation: Findings are written into a report along with a description of the methodology used to reach conclusions. All findings are supported by empirical evidence from interviews, adding transparency and accountability to the research.

Step 7 – Publication: All final reports are submitted to Q-Bank. Q-Bank is an online database that houses cognitive interviewing and other question evaluation reports, making CCQDER question evaluation studies accessible to other federal statistical agencies, the larger survey research community, and the public.

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