Technology Products

CCQDER was the first cognitive research lab in the federal statistical system. CCQDER staff have developed software to facilitate in the analysis of cognitive interviewing data; including Q-Bank, Q-Notes, and Q-Video. These products allow CCQDER to increase both productivity and work quality. They also provide transparency and accountability of our research processes. This transparency allows us to continually assess, review, and improve our methodology and practices.


Q-Bank is a database consisting of evaluated questions from federal surveys that links each question to the scientific report that evaluated the survey question. Q-Bank is intended to help users of survey data interpret the survey questions on which the data are based and understand the potential errors that might be associated with these questions. Q-Bank is available to the public to search for questions and view reports. External agencies are also invited to submit their own question research into Q-Bank.


Q-Notes is a software program that supports the structured collection and analysis of cognitive interview data. This online system allows the CCQDER to collaborate on testing projects with external agencies. Access to CCQDER projects is limited to CCQDER staff and potential collaborators of each specific project. External researchers can create an account to use Q-Notes in conducting their own studies. When creating a project in Q-Notes, researchers determine which users can access their project data and what those users can do on the project.
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Q-Video is a digitized video and audio application that captures, stores, and indexes the video and audio of a cognitive interview at the questionnaire level in a digitized database for the purpose of searching individual questions and conducting analysis. The Q-Video system is only available to CCQDER staff onsite. Q-Video connects with an internal version of Q-Notes. This provides for video of the interview to be embedded within the application during the analytical processes of summarizing notes, conducting analysis, and writing the report.

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