Methodological Research

Question evaluation has been standard practice within the federal statistical system for decades, it remains under-utilized and its benefits to the greater survey methodology community are often misunderstood. CCQDER conducts methodological research for three main reasons:

  1. To develop and refine question evaluation pretest methods,
  2. To examine construct validity, and
  3. To increase overall understanding of the question response process and survey response error.

Question evaluation methods

There are a number of scientifically based question evaluation methods; every method has advantages and disadvantages. The CCQDER engages in research to ensure the methods are conducted at the highest level possible.

Working groups

The CCQDER is also part of the Interagency Response Error Group (IREG) and the Questionnaire Evaluation Standards (QUEST) working groups. IREG is a U.S. Federal interagency group devoted to communication concerning sources of measurement error in questionnaires and other data collection instruments. IREG meets quarterly at a statistics agency in the DC area. QUEST is an international workgroup of practitioners of Question Evaluation. These workgroup meetings promote standards, discuss challenges, present findings and share their recent experiences with questionnaire development and testing. The QUEST workgroup meets every two years.
Learn more about QUEST here.