Strategic Plan Through 2020

CDC’s National Center for HIV, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention’s (NCHHSTP) Strategic Plan Through 2020 articulates a vision, guiding principle, and overarching goals and strategies through 2020 to influence and enhance our programs. The three overarching goals highlighted in this plan are to decrease

  • incidence of infection,
  • morbidity and mortality, and
  • health disparities.

Every year, millions of Americans are infected with HIV, viral hepatitis, STDs, or TB and tens of thousands die from their infection. Most of these infections share commonalities, from modes of transmission to demographic, social, and economic conditions that increase risk. As a prevention leader, NCHHSTP focuses on high impact prevention and control efforts to reduce incidence, morbidity, mortality, and health disparities due to these infections.

Strategic Dashboard example for goals and trends

View the Strategic Plan Indicator Dashboard showing trends since 2010 towards 2020 targets for NCHHSTP goals.

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Page last reviewed: August 23, 2018