General Schedule (GS) 0685

Introducing the GS 0685 Job Series

The technical definition of a GS 0685 Job Series pertains to the application of administrative or analytical methods and techniques necessary for working within the framework of a public health or related organization and carrying out specific program functions.  Some examples of job roles within this series are the Public Health Advisor and the Public Health Analyst.  A Public Health Advisor provides advice and assistance to State and local governments, and to various public, nonprofit, and private agencies and organizations on matters relating to the improvement of their public health activities.  Whereas a Public Health Analyst conducts studies and performs other analytical work related to the planning, development, organization, administration, evaluation, and delivery of public health programs.

Employee Perspectives

Several employees share the origins of their CDC journey and the career path that led to NCHHSTP as a Public Health Advisor or a Public Health Analyst.

Kathryn Koski

Kathryn Koski, MSEd, MPH, currently serves as the Division of Tuberculosis Elimination (DTBE) Deputy Director but began her career as a Public Health Advisor in 1991. “Once you get your foot in the door, there is lots of training,” Koski says. Koski works closely with the DTBE director and senior leaders to advance the scientific and programmatic activities of the division. “I like to think my job is to help ensure that we’re using the funds appropriated for domestic TB as effectively as possible.”

Dr. Stan Phillip

Dr. Stan Phillip, before serving in his role as the Chief of the Program Development and Implementation Branch in the Division of HIV Prevention, was an x-ray technician and a stockbroker. In his current role Dr. Philip represents the Center in terms of HIV programming and policy and provides strategic leadership to the branch on prevention implementation strategies. While Dr. Philip’s public health career start may have been unconventional, he feels “it has been a rewarding career path and even though it was not my initial thought, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

Vincent Carvell Fears

Vincent Carvell Fears began his career at CDC in 1992 as a Disease Intervention Specialist. Since 2012, Fears has served as a Project Officer in DTBE, where he maintains communication with assigned Cooperative Agreements (COAG) recipients, providing technical guidance and assistance while supporting efforts to meet national TB elimination objectives. COAGs are contracts between CDC and our jurisdictional partners. While Fears has served in many roles and capacities throughout his career, in his heart he “will always be a real Public Health Advisor.”

If the GS 0685 job series sounds like a path for you to help advance NCHHSTP’s vision for a future free of HIV, viral hepatitis, STDs, and TB, as well as developing effective, inclusive, and stigma-free public health interventions, consider joining our team.

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