Infectious Diseases Pathology Branch

The Infectious Diseases Pathology Branch (IDPB) is the primary unit within CDC responsible for conducting laboratory studies and investigations of infectious disease of unknown etiologies. Additionally, IDPB works to identify new or previously unrecognized pathogens.

IDPB’s core function provides histopathologic, immunohistochemical, molecular, microbiologic and electron microscopic evaluation of tissues from patients with confirmed or suspected infectious diseases, and epidemiologic support for investigations from which tissue samples might be obtained for laboratory evaluation. In this capacity IDPB works with and provides tissue-based diagnostics to investigators across all centers at CDC, public health staff at state and local health departments, clinicians, community pathologists and medical examiners and international partners. IDPB also supports collaborators through technical assistance and training.

Activities include:

  • Providing diagnostic and epidemic aid to health departments, federal agencies, and other relevant organizations
  • Research into the pathogenesis of infectious diseases
  • Supporting extramural efforts related to histopathology, molecular pathology, and ultrastructure
  • Generating and modifying technologies used for detecting microbial agents