Infectious Diseases Pathology Branch (IDPB)

The Infectious Diseases Pathology Branch is the primary unit within CDC responsible for conducting laboratory studies and investigations of infectious diseases of unknown cause or origin. The branch also works to identify new or emerging pathogens.

Pathologists are often among the first healthcare workers to encounter infectious disease outbreaks. They are in an excellent position to discover emerging infectious diseases.

At CDC, the pathologists in IDPB conduct research with epidemiologists, clinicians, veterinarians and microbiologists across CDC’s infectious disease spectrum.

IDPB’s pathology work contributes to CDC’s overall public health work through the diagnosis, surveillance and furthering knowledge about the cause and process of infectious diseases.

Outside of CDC, IDPB provides support and training to state and local health departments, federal agencies, and other health organizations.

Microscope image of Measles virus