Newborn Screening (NBS) Data

Newborn screening (NBS) for sickle cell disease (SCD) takes place in every state. The data from NBS are an important part of the Sickle Cell Data Collection (SCDC) program. NBS data are used along with data from other sources to identify all people with SCD living in a state. Some people in the SCDC data are identified in a single data source only, such as NBS; others are identified in more than one of the SCDC data sources. People who are not included in the NBS data may have been born before NBS for SCD was started in their state or before the years for which NBS data are available to the SCDC program. Other people may have been born somewhere different than the state in which they currently live.

Click on a shaded state to view its available NBS data.

For information about all individuals with SCD living in the shaded states, including those identified through NBS and those identified from other data sources, please visit the SCDC Demographics and Healthcare Utilization Data page.