Hearing Loss and Your Child

Baby playing with blocks

How can I start communicating with my baby right now?

Every child is unique. All children, including infants, have their own special personality and talents. Just as each child is unique, a child’s hearing loss is also unique. One child’s hearing loss may be very different from another child’s hearing loss.

Research studies show that about 30% of all children with hearing loss may have one or more special needs that have nothing to do with the ear or hearing. These can include visual, physical, or other special needs. You will want to discuss these other conditions with your child’s doctor or professional team.

All of these factors are important while you are deciding which intervention program best meets the strengths and needs of your child. You will be designing a program that is unique for your child.

Now let’s take a closer look at some of the professionals who may be on your child’s team, the intervention services your child might get, and how you can put all the intervention services together.

Remember, all babies with hearing loss should begin to get intervention services before they are 6 months old.