EHDI Guidance Manual

What to know

This resource from the CDC EHDI Team provides information that can help support state- and territorial-based EHDI programs in their tracking and surveillance activities. The focus of this manual is on data and the EHDI information systems (EHDI-IS) that help ensure all infants are screened for hearing loss and receive recommended diagnostic testing and intervention services.

Graphic representation of the manual as a red book.

How to Make Your EHDI Data System a Useful Tool

A practical guide to moving beyond the basics

Ideally, an EHDI-IS is not just a data repository; it is an integral, dynamic tool that supports a program's work. Achieving an EHDI-IS that best fulfills its role requires thoughtful planning, development, and evaluation. The concepts introduced in this guidance manual can help you optimize your EHDI-IS and support your program's work towards its ultimate goal.

This resource includes six chapters:

  1. Chapter 1: The EHDI Information System: Overview and Key Considerations
  2. Chapter 2: The EHDI Information System: Data Collection and Reporting
  3. Chapter 3: Updating and Using Your EHDI-IS for Tracking, Surveillance and Program Improvement
  4. Chapter 4: EHDI Information System: Data Use and Dissemination
  5. Chapter 5: Privacy, Confidentiality and Security of the EHDI-IS
  6. Chapter 6: Monitoring and Evaluation