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Alcohol Use During Pregnancy Can Lead to Lifelong Effects

Alcohol Use During Pregnancy Can Lead to Lifelong Effects

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Alcohol use during pregnancy can lead to lifelong effects
Up to 1 in 20 US school children may have FASDs

People with FASDs can experience a mix of the following problems:

Physical issues.

  • low birth weight and growth.
  • problems with heart, kidneys, and other organs.
  • damage to parts of the brain.

Which leads to…

Behavioral and intellectual disabilities

  • learning disabilities and low IQ
  • hyperactivity
  • difficulty with attention
  • poor ability to communicate in social situations
  • poor reasoning and judgment skills

These can lead to…

Lifelong issues with

  • school and social skills
  • living independently
  • mental health
  • substance use
  • keeping a job
  • trouble with the law

Drinking while pregnant costs the US $5.5 billion (2010).

SOURCES: CDC Vital Signs, February 2016.  American Journal of Preventive Medicine, November 2015.