Living with Lung Cancer

What to know

  • We offer some tips to help you live with lung cancer as long and well as possible.


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Being physically active can help you stay healthy after cancer treatment.

When you have been diagnosed with cancer, you are considered a cancer survivor from that moment throughout the rest of your life.

Finding lung cancer earlier and making new treatments available are helping more lung cancer survivors live longer. We offer some tips to help you live with lung cancer as long and well as possible.

Healthy living

It's important to get the treatment you need at the best time. You deserve timely and appropriate care for your lung cancer and its symptoms (including pain), as well as any side effects of treatment. Molecular testing (also called tumor or biomarker testing) may help you make decisions about treatment. You may also consider genetic testing to identify inherited characteristics.

Talk with your health care provider about how a survivorship care plan can help you coordinate your follow-up care to support your physical and emotional health.

Take steps to stay healthy. This can lower your risk of getting cancer again or having the cancer come back.

Some cancer survivors may blame themselves or feel that others blame them for having cancer. Lung cancer survivors may have feelings of blame or stigma. You may find it helpful to talk about your experiences and feelings with a social worker or other mental health professional. You may also find it helpful to share your story with other cancer survivors or listen to their stories.