HIV in the United States by Region: HIV Incidence

HIV incidence is one of the six Ending the HIV Epidemic in the U.S. indicators. HIV incidence refers to the estimated number of new HIV infections each year.

Ending the HIV Epidemic goal banner for New HIV Infections.
Of the estimated 34,800 new HIV infections in the US in 2019, 53 percent were in the south.
Estimated HIV Infections Among People in the US by Region, 2015-2019*
Image shows that in 2019, most new HIV diagnoses among people in the US were in the South.
Chart compares the estimated number of new HIV infections among people in the US by region from 2015 to 2019.

* Among people aged 13 and older.
Source: CDC. Estimated HIV incidence and prevalence in the United States, 2015–2019 [PDF – 2.6 MB]. HIV Surveillance Supplemental Report 2020;26(1).

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