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Keep up with the latest information from the Division of HIV Prevention and the Let’s Stop HIV Together campaign. Let’s Stop HIV Together empowers communities, partners, and healthcare providers to reduce stigma, prevent HIV among the most-affected populations, and help people with HIV stay healthy.

  • Get videos, web banners, and other resources from CDC’s Let’s Stop HIV Together campaign.
  • Learn about HIV awareness days and how you can participate.
  • Get infographics about HIV to share with your audiences.
  • Access new information and statistics on HIV in the United States.
  • Interact with us and tell us what you’re doing to prevent HIV.
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The CDC_HIV Facebook page provides information and resources for partners, clinicians, and all people interested in information about HIV. This account shares data, videos, graphics, and links to HIV prevention materials.

Start Talking. Stop HIV. @StartTalkingHIV

The Start Talking. Stop HIV. Facebook page provides information and resources specific to gay and bisexual men to promote conversation about HIV prevention and sexual health.

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The CDC_HIV Twitter account provides resources for clinicians, partners, and others interested in the latest information on HIV. This account shares data, resources, videos, and graphics about various HIV topics.

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Let’s Stop HIV Together: @stophivtogether

The Let’s Stop HIV Together Instagram account provides engaging messaging and imagery about testing and prevention, helping people with HIV stay healthy, and stopping HIV stigma.

Start Talking. Stop HIV. @starttalkinghiv

The Start Talking. Stop HIV. Instagram account provides engaging messaging and imagery about testing, prevention, treatment, stopping HIV stigma, and healthy communication among gay and bisexual men.

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CDC HIV playlist

The CDC_HIV YouTube playlist provides videos containing helpful information and resources and personal narratives about HIV testing, prevention, treatment, and stigma.

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Get social media messages and graphics to share with your audiences.

HIV Awareness Day Social Media Toolkits

Let’s Stop HIV Together Social Media Toolkits

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