ORISE Q&As: Participation Questions

How are applicants notified of their selection?

When ORISE receives approval from CDC for the appointment, an package is sent via email to the applicant.

What is the best way to get the signed appointment documents back to ORISE?

Send the signed appointment letter, Terms of Appointment, and other documents directly to ORISE.

Is there any flexibility in start and end dates for fellows?

Yes, but only in emergency situations. Start and end dates are firm unless there are serious extenuating circumstances. All such emergency requests are subject to approval from the research mentor, and the fellowship director and must be confirmed in an appointment letter to the fellow from ORISE..

Are fellows considered to be employees of the CDC or ORISE?

No. Research fellows are research program participants and are NOT in an employer/employee relationship with either CDC or ORISE.

Do fellows get paid vacation or sick leave?

There are NO benefits such as vacation or sick leave since fellows are NOT employees of either CDC or of ORISE. However, mentors will help design a schedule that is mutually agreeable. The fellows are not expected to be present on days that the CDC facility is closed for holidays. If a fellow needs time off for any extended period of time and cannot make up the lost time, then the mentor, at his or her discretion, will notify ORISE and the fellow will be put on leave-without-pay status until he/she returns.

How do fellows receive their stipends?

A stipend check is paid according to a prearranged schedule for fellows. Direct deposit of stipend checks is highly encouraged and is available by completing an EFT Authorization Form. Pay dates are generally the last business day of each month. The first payment will be made after all required paperwork is returned to ORISE and after the CDC has returned the Certification of Start Form.

What is a fellow’s tax liability for stipends received during the appointment?

Since ORISE participants are not employees or contractors (and receive stipends, not wages), they do not receive W-2 or 1099 forms. ORISE does send a Statement of Payments that you may use in preparing your tax return. Please be sure to inform ORISE of any changes to your mailing address, even after your appointment has ended, so that you will receive this information. Some foreign nationals, depending upon their tax treaty status, will receive 1042-S forms from ORISE. For more information on the tax implications of stipends, please see the ORISE Web site. From the homepage, select “Current Research Participants,” then select “Stipend Information.”

Can stipend checks and other ORISE payments be direct deposited?

Yes, ORISE uses electronic fund transfer (EFT) to make stipend, travel reimbursement, and other program-related payments. EFT is a safe, proven, and effective method of payment, and almost all financial institutions are able to accept EFT. Stipend payments are credited to the account on the pay day with funds available immediately on that day. Travel reimbursements can be credited to the account as soon as the travel expenses are audited by ORISE. Complete the EFT Authorization Form for this service.

How do you sign up for direct deposit?

It’s easy! Just fill out the EFT Application form at the ORISE Web site. From the homepage, select “Current Research Participants,” then select “Forms.” After completing the form, fax it to ORISE at 865-241-5219.