HIV Tools, Resources, and Research

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CDC and many other organizations offer tools and resources across the HIV prevention and care continuum pdf icon[PDF – 1 MB]. Browse the list below to access:

HIV Tools and Services

In addition to the resources available from CDC, many other organizations offer tools, assistance, and support services. Browse the list of some available tools, resources, and organizations below.

Find an HIV Provider

HIV Expert Consultation

HIV Billing and Reimbursement

HIV Professional Associations

More CDC Resources

CDC offers many resources in addition to HIV Nexus. Browse the list below to learn more.

  • Let’s Stop HIV Together: Visit CDC’s Let’s Stop HIV Together website to access campaign and partnership resources to empower your community, you and your colleagues, and your patients.
  • CDC HIV: Access resources and information across the HIV prevention and care continuum for different audiences, including health care consumers, providers, and researchers.
  • HIV Statistics Center: Explore the latest HIV data from the United States at the national, state, and county levels.
  • HIV Risk Reduction Tool: Share this tool with your patients so they can access tailored information about their risk of getting or transmitting HIV and how they can protect themselves and their partners.