HIV Professional Associations and Other Resources

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Access additional cross-continuum pdf icon[PDF – 1 MB] and section-specific resources and tools from various organizations.

Health Care Provider Tools

Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Medical Provider Locator Toolexternal icon
This webpage offers a directory of Ryan White HIV/AIDS medical providers.

Clinician Consultation Centerexternal icon
The Clinical Consultation Center (CCC) is a free consultation service that provides health care providers with prompt, expert responses to questions about the HIV Continuum–HIV testing, treatment, and care and other HIV-related issues.

Coding/Diagnostics Guides for HIV: NASTADpdf iconexternal icon, NIHexternal icon, WHOexternal icon,
These resources will help providers to navigate billing and reimbursement for HIV-related services.

AIDS Services Organizations by Zip Codeexternal icon
This webpage offers AIDS services organizations by zip code.

Referral Link Provider Directoryexternal icon
This webpage offers a directory of HIV health care providers.

National Library of Medicine—HIV/AIDS Specialized Information Servicesexternal icon
The National Library of Medicine–HIV/AIDS Specialized Information Services offers access to a comprehensive collection of HIV/AIDS-related resource through AIDSource.

Related CDC Sites

Let’s Stop HIV Together
Let’s Stop HIV Together includes campaigns and partnerships that focus on consumers, including those at high risk for getting HIV, as well as health care providers. Let’s Stop HIV Together empowers communities, partners on the ground, and providers by providing resources and information about HIV testing, prevention, and treatment.

HIV Resource Center – American Journal of Medicineexternal icon
This resource center offers clinicians and nurses free educational opportunities. Health care providers can also learn more about current evidence-based approaches to HIV prevention and care.

Statistics on HIV/AIDS in America
HIV in the USA offers statistics on HIV/AIDS in America.

Effective Interventions: HIV Prevention That Works
This website is designed to support the HIV prevention workforce in the United States by providing resources and trainings informed by the best available science that can be used to implement HIV prevention interventions and strategies.

Journal Articles

Access clinical publications, authored by HIV prevention and treatment specialists that provide information from the clinician’s perspective on topics important for HIV prevention.