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Hear Here Concern. Something doesn't feel right. I know my body.

Hear Her Campaign Public Service Announcements (PSAs)

Allyson Felix: Anuncio de servicio público —No estoy sola (vídeo en inglés con subtítulos en español):

Anuncio de servicio público (vídeo en inglés con subtítulos en español):

Public Service Announcement (English)

Hear Her Campaign Matte Articles

These prewritten matte articles about the Hear Her campaign are ready for adaptation and use by journalists, bloggers, and other members of the media.

Addressing Health Iniquities Among Pregnant Women

Valencia, one of the women featured in the campaign, talked about her experience with a pregnancy-related complication. During her first pregnancy, Valencia struggled with headaches and dizziness. When she reported worsening symptoms, she felt like no one took her seriously…

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Recognizing urgent pregnancy-related warning signs

Far too often, women in the United States die from complications related to pregnancy. Recognizing the warning signs and getting the right diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible can save lives. CDC launched the Hear Her campaign to raise awareness…

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When Women Speak, We Should All Listen

This year, about 700 women will die from pregnancy-related complications. And in most cases, those deaths are preventable. Women know their bodies and can often tell when something is not right. Every pregnancy is different and while some symptoms may seem normal, it’s always important to discuss concerns …

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