Hear Personal Stories From Pregnancy-Related Complications from American Indian People

What to know

These videos include discussion of pregnancy-related complications and harmful experiences with health care providers that may be difficult to hear. We encourage people who are affected by this issue to connect with their support networks.

Hear Her - Resources for American Indian and Alaska Native People.

Hear Their Stories

The Hear Her campaign amplifies the voices of American Indian women who have experienced complications during or after pregnancy. They share the signs and symptoms they experienced and how they got the care they needed. These videos also share traditional cultural practices related to pregnancy and birth. We thank these women and their communities for sharing their stories.

Mona's Story

Mona experienced extreme swelling and a fast-beating heart. Hear more about how her midwives, doulas, and family supported her and helped her get the care she needed.

Mona's story was filmed in Taos Pueblo, on the traditional homelands of the Red Willow People. We thank the people of Taos Pueblo for welcoming us to tribal land to share Mona's story.

Trivia's Story

"I felt like nobody understood or cared."

Trivia experienced postpartum depression after her first pregnancy, when her provider did not respect her cultural practices or listen to her concerns. Her story shares the importance of culturally appropriate care, and she advises women to find a provider they are comfortable with.

Trivia's story was filmed in South Dakota, on the ancestral, traditional, and contemporary lands of the Oceti Sacowin, or Seven Council Fires.

Vanessa's Story

"I really needed somebody that would listen to my concerns, as well as take my thoughts into consideration, which my doctor did. It took me a long time to find her and to find somebody that I actually trusted."

Vanessa's story was filmed in Montana, on the traditional homelands of the T̓at̓áyaqn (Bitterroot Salish) and Qlispélixʷ (Kalispel) peoples.

Takayla's Story

Takayla sought medical care after experiencing urgent maternal warning signs.

"If they had waited any longer or if I hadn't gone to the hospital or been an active participant in my pregnancy, I could have died."

Takayla's story was filmed in Minnesota, on the traditional lands of the Dakota and Anishinaabe people.

Sarah's Story

Sarah shares her experience with postpartum depression.

"Once you let it out and once you tell someone, that person that you trust can help you find some help."

Sarah's story was filmed in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on the traditional lands of the Osage, Caddo, Muscogee Creek, and Cherokee Tribal Nations.

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