Partners, Friends, and Family of American Indian and Alaska Native People who are Pregnant or Postpartum

If a loved one experiences an urgent maternal warning sign during or within a year after pregnancy, get medical care immediately.

Be the support she needs.

It is important to support mothers by hearing their concerns and ensuring they get the care they need.

While pregnancy-related complications can be difficult to talk about, it’s important to learn what can be done to help keep your pregnant and postpartum loved ones healthy.

Pregnancy-related complications can happen up to a year after pregnancy.  Recognizing the urgent maternal warning signs, getting an accurate diagnosis as quickly as possible, and receiving quality care can save lives.  Be the one to make sure she is heard and gets the care she needs.

Listening and taking the concerns of people who are pregnant or recently pregnant seriously is a simple, yet powerful action to help prevent pregnancy-related deaths.

How can you help?

  • Learn the urgent maternal warning signs.
  • Listen to her concerns.
  • Encourage her to seek medical help. If something doesn’t feel right, she should reach out to her provider. If she is experiencing an urgent maternal warning sign, she should get medical care right away.
  • Be sure she says she is pregnant or was pregnant within the last year.
  • Offer to go with her to get medical care and help her ask questions.
  • Take notes and help her talk to a healthcare provider to get the support she needs.
  • Support her through follow-up care.

Partners, friends, and family are important advocates to make sure any health concern is appropriately addressed by a healthcare professional.

Pregnant couple walking Pregnant woman talking to another woman

Starting the Conversation

If your loved one shares that something doesn’t feel right, support her to get the answers and care she may need. Learn the urgent warning signs that need immediate medical attention. Download or print this guide to help with the conversation. [PDF – 566 KB]

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