About the Campaign

Hear Her. You can help save a life.

Many people die each year in this country from problems related to pregnancy or delivery complications. Every death is a tragedy, especially when we know that more than 80% of pregnancy-related deaths could be prevented. Too many people experience severe, unexpected health problems related to pregnancy that may have long-term health consequences.

CDC’s Division of Reproductive Health is committed to healthy pregnancies and deliveries for every person. The Hear Her campaign supports CDC’s efforts to prevent pregnancy-related deaths by sharing potentially life-saving messages about urgent warning signs.

Each person knows their own body better than anyone and can often tell when something does not feel right. The campaign seeks to encourage partners, friends, family, coworkers, and providers—anyone who supports pregnant and postpartum people—to really listen when she tells you something doesn’t feel right. Acting quickly could help save a life.

A person knows their body best. Listening and acting upon their concerns during or after pregnancy could save a life.

Dr. Wanda Barfield, Director of CDC’s Division of Reproductive Health

Campaign Goal + Objectives

CDC’s Hear Her campaign seeks to raise awareness of urgent maternal warning signs during and after pregnancy and improve communication between patients and their healthcare providers.

  • Increase awareness of serious pregnancy-related complications and their warning signs.
  • Empower people who are pregnant and postpartum to speak up and raise concerns.
  • Encourage support systems to engage in important conversations.
  • Provide tools for pregnant and postpartum people and healthcare professionals to better engage in life-saving conversations.

Campaign Audiences

  • People who are pregnant, people who have given birth within the last year (postpartum), and their support network (including partners, family, and friends.)
  • Healthcare professionals that interact with pregnant or postpartum people.

This project is supported through a partnership with the CDC Foundation and funding from Merck through its Merck for Mothers Program.

Hear Her is a trademark of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.