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Planning Checklist for Diapering Stations in Shelters

Building and Placing a Diapering Station
  • Is diapering station as far from water stations, food prep and dining areas as possible?
  • Is the diaper changing surface made of non-porous material?
  • Is there a rail or similar barrier that surrounds the diaper changing surface to help protect children from falls?
  • Is one station available for every 8 diapered children?
  • Is the diapering station within arm’s reach of sink? Sink should not be used for food preparation, dishwashing, or dispensing water to drink.
Stocking the Station
  • Is sink stocked with liquid soap? If diapering station cannot be placed within reach of an existing sink and a temporary handwashing station cannot be set up, provide hand sanitizer containing 60% alcohol. Place sanitizer within reach of caregiver, but out of reach of children (ideally in a fixed wall dispenser).
  • Are paper towels or air dryers available for drying hands?
  • Is a lidded, plastic-lined trash receptacle (preferably with a foot-operated opening mechanism) available in the diapering area?
  • Are clean paper towels, butcher paper, or other disposable materials available for lining the changing table?
  • If shelter will provide diapers and wipes, are these placed within reach of caregivers but away from diapering surface?
  • Is appropriate disinfectant solution* in reach of caregivers, but out of children’s reach?

*EPA-registered disinfectant appropriate for the diapering surface or freshly prepared bleach solution.

  • Are signs posted to instruct caregivers to wash their hands and child’s hands with soap and water immediately after the diaper change?
  • Are signs posted to use the diapering station sink for handwashing but not for drinking, cooking, or washing dishes or clothing?
  • If diapering station is not near sink or temporary handwashing station, are signs posted at diapering station to direct caregivers to nearest sink?
  • Are instructions posted about how to use the disinfectant solution? Consider labeling spray bottle with instructions in large type, or including these instructions on posters about diapering procedures.
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