These posters provide information for the general public, emergency planners, and shelter staff members on safe diapering practices during WASH-related emergencies.

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Safe and Healthy Diapering in Emergency Settings
Diapering in emergency situations

Message: Follow these instructions to reduce the spread of germs while changing diapers in emergency settings and situations.

Audience: Caretakers of toddlers and young children

Web: Safe and Healthy Diapering for Emergency Settings
Poster:  Safe and Healthy Diapering to Reduce the Spread of Germs (in Emergency Settings) [PDF – 2M]

Diapering Stations in Shelters
Diapering stations in shelters

Message: Ensure your shelter is equipped for safe and healthy diapering by following this checklist.

Audience: Emergency planners and shelter staff

Web: Planning Checklist for Diapering Stations in Shelters
Poster: Planning Checklist for Diapering Stations in Shelters [PDF – 254K]

Wash Your Hands!

*More handwashing posters are available on CDC’s Handwashing website.

Wash Your Hands poster cover image

Message: Follow these steps to wash your hands.

Audience: General public

Web: Handwashing Posters
Poster: Wash Your Hands! [PDF – 1.54 MB]