Simple Steps to Check Your Work

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Two older adults looking at a computer.

Think about what you want to learn from or about your population of older adults.

Congratulations! If you have completed the previous eight pages, you have taken a thoughtful and systematic approach to communicating with older adults and addressing health literacy barriers. Use this list to check your work.

√ I’ve researched the health literacy issues for my older adult population.

√ I’ve planned my project and have some evaluation measures.

√ I understand the issues and concerns of my older adult population.

√ I’ve made adjustments to address any cognitive, visual, hearing or physical challenges my older adult population faces.

√ I’ve tested my information with a sample of the intended audience to make sure my older adult population can understand and use the information.

√ I’ve considered their comfort with technology and online health information.

√ I’ve included caregivers as an important source of and audience for health information.

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