World Pneumonia Day Infographic

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Infographic World Pneumonia Day

Infographic Description

Image of the world within lungs silhouette
World Pneumonia Day

November 12
Image of baby crawling
The facts

  • Pneumonia is the #1 infectious disease killer of children under 5
  • 99% of pneumonia deaths in children under 5 occur in low & middle income countries

Simple, proven solutions

  • Image of mother & child
    Exclusive breastfeeding for baby’s first 6 months
  • Image of hypodermic needle
  • Image of water spigot
    Safe drinking water and good sanitation
  • Image of hands & soap
    Frequent hand washing with soap
  • Image of plate & silverware
    Good nutrition, especially for kids aged 6 months to 2 years
  • Image of heating unit
    Adequate indoor ventilation

Every breath counts. Stop pneumonia now.


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Source: WHO. 2013. Pneumonia: Priority diseases and reasons for inclusion. medicines/areas/ priority_medicines/Ch6_22Pneumo.pdf

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