Global Health Security

Global Health Security Infographic – Print Version [2MB]
Protecting U.S. Exports and Jobs Through Health Security
America’s Economy in Jeopardy: The Threat from Global Outbreaks


Global Health Security

Stopping Outbreaks Globally to Protect Americans Locally


Tracking and Responding to Disease Threats 24/7

Illustration of pathogens


and other public health emergencies responded to since 2006


Illustration of microscope

11 New Pathogens

and strains of dangerous diseases discovered since 2006


Illustration of world encircled by dots

30-40 Threats

to public health monitored daily


Training Disease Detectives to Identify and Stop Outbreaks

Illustration of world map highlighting countries with trained boots-on-the-ground outbreak responders


People trained in field disease detection and response since 1980


Outbreaks investigated by trainees since 2005


Countries with trained boots-on-the-ground outbreak responders


Deploying Prepared CDC Responders to Tackle Emergencies

Illustration of multiple public health professionals


Trained CDC experts ready to respond to crises since 2015


Mobilizations for global health emergencies since 2015


Person-days of deployments for rapid responses since 2015
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