Science, Policy, Applied Research and Evaluation and Communication: An Integrated Approach

DGHP established the Office of Science, Policy, Applied Research and Evaluation, and Communication (SPAREC – pronounced “SPARK”) in May 2016. SPAREC coordinates our scientific, evaluation and communications work to advance DGHP’s goal of ensuring sustained support for global health protection. SPAREC is a multi-disciplinary team supporting the division’s mission, strategic goals, and objectives. Working under the shared vision of keeping America safe and saving lives, this interconnected team has successfully:

SPAREC 2016 accomplishments infographic

SPAREC By The Numbers In 2016


illustration of microscope
185 Scientific publications authored or co-authored by DGHP staff
70+ Unique journals published DGHP articles
30+ Countries represented in DGHP publications


illustration of government building
1000 Data and information requests completed
280+ High level visits and meetings supported
50+ Countries participated in strategic engagements with DGHP

Applied Research and Evaluation

illustration of magnifying glass over paper
90+ Country specific GHSA quarterly reports completed
11 GHSA logic models developed
4 Quarterly NSC leadership reports for GHSA year 1 completed


illustration of laptop, tablet, and mobile phone
2.5M+ Twitter impressions (up 65% from 2015)
220K+ DGHP website views (up 145% from 2015)
60+ DGHP stories published online