Holiday Food Safety Twitter Chat

Make Food Safety a Holiday Tradition.

Holiday foods can create lasting memories. On December 12, CDC and Parents Magazine will co-host a Twitter chat with food safety experts and party planners who share tips on how to plan and prepare holiday meals that are safe, healthy, and worth remembering.

What do successful party givers, seasoned home cooks, and culinary professionals have in common? They focus on the entire food experience—starting with the planning and preparation.

Chat Topics

  • Prepare for your holiday meal—from the grocery store to your cutting board. Learn how to be the host of the season by preparing safe, healthy food. Remember these simple steps: wash hands and surfaces often; separate raw meat from ready-to-eat foods such as salad; cook meat thoroughly; and refrigerate promptly.
  • Using a food delivery service or ordering takeout? Learn how to check for food safety when making a choice.
  • Are you a host or a guest? Either way, keep food safe when serving and transporting. Learn the best ways to keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold while going to holiday gatherings. Refresh yourself on the two-hour rule to keep germs off your buffet.
  • Problem foods. Certain foods come with a higher risk of food poisoning than others. Learn which foods could make you toss your cookies if they aren’t prepared properly!
  • Enjoy the leftovers. The party can live on if your guests take food to go, but don’t give them doggie bags with germs! Learn how to store leftoverExternal goodies, and how long you can keep leftovers in the fridge.


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