Speak Up—Video for Patients

Patients on dialysis and dialysis staff are encouraged to watch and share this video. Everyone has a role to play in preventing infections and improving dialysis patient safety. Infections can be serious and sometimes life-threatening. Many patients experience anxiety, fear, and uncertainty related to their dialysis treatment and preventing infections.

This video follows the journey of two patients on dialysis who feel empowered to speak up and share concerns about their treatment in order to prevent infections. The video also highlights ways dialysis staff can create an environment where patients feel safe speaking up.

Speak Up: Making Dialysis Safer for Patients Video

The video is open access. You are free to use it in any communication channels.

  • Patients on dialysis are encouraged to post this video on social media and share with family and friends.
  • Dialysis clinics are encouraged to show the video during dialysis treatments, play it in waiting rooms, and post links within patient and staff educational materials.

Engaging Patients in the Infection Prevention Conversation: Tips for Staff

The accompanying handout is a visual reminder for staff about the importance of encouraging patients and caregivers to ask questions and speak up if they have concerns about their dialysis treatment.

We encourage you to use this resource, along with the video, during staff trainings and include it in staff education about patient and caregiver engagement.